Wise Steps offer therapy for Health, Work, and Life Balance - working on an idea of 'Bodymind' and 'Headmind', and also offering Reverse Therapy with a Fully Licensed Reverse Therapy Practitioner.

New: Fatigue - The Essential Guide

by Caroline Khambatta & Nicky Jevon

Fatigue The Essential Guide front cover

Many people feel tired after very busy times – this is natural. Feeling lethargic and fatigued for long periods that do not obviously relate to physical exertion is a different issue. Fatigue is not the same as tiredness.

This guide to fatigue, published by Need2Know Books contains information, explanations and tools to help reduce fatigue and boost energy. It takes into account the whole person, while addressing the different pressures and challenges you may be experiencing.

It is now available for purchase from the Wise Steps shop.

Interview with England Olympic athlete Rosalyn Gonse

Read about Rosalyn's struggle with CFS and how Reverse Therapy helped her restore her dream of taking part in the London 2012 Olympics.

Wise Steps for Health

Does every illness have an emotional element?
Is your body sending you symptoms of illness to get your attention?
Is your mind so busy with worry and anxiety that you misinterpret what your body is telling you?
If you knew what your body wanted could you reduce symptoms or reverse the illness by acting on it's message?

We teach people to:

  • quieten their thinking minds
  • access their body wisdom
  • learn what actions their emotions are guiding them to take
  • take the actions to build the life they want and deserve

Wise Steps for Career Coaching

Wrong job?
No job?
Too much work or bored?
Want your own business?
Tricky working relationships?
Don't know what you want?

Left ignored these can all lead to stress, low morale and illness.

We help individuals:

  • identify what motivates them
  • convert this into a goal (career development, job change, resolve a work issue, set up a new business, get work-life balance, etc.)
  • get the tools and support they need to achieve this

Wise Steps for Life Balance

Out of balance?
Bored with doing too little?
Unresolved issues hanging over you?

Having life out of balance temporarily is not a problem, however, left unchecked it can become the norm and before you know it stress symptoms are setting in: headaches, indigestion, stiff shoulders, etc.

We will support you in organising the priorities in your life into manageable objectives by:

  • identifying priorities
  • establishing current levels of balance
  • considering the long term effects of this level of imbalance
  • building a strategy and creating ways to protect your health and wellbeing today