Wise Steps for Life Balance

Out of balance?
Bored with doing too little?
Unresolved issues hanging over you?

Having life out of balance temporarily is not a problem, however, left unchecked it can become the norm and before you know it stress symptoms are setting in: headaches, indigestion, stiff shoulders, etc.

We will support you in organising the priorities in your life into manageable objectives by:

  • identifying priorities
  • establishing current levels of balance
  • considering the long term effects of this level of imbalance
  • building a strategy and creating ways to protect your health and wellbeing today

It's all very well talking about life balance but it's another thing noticing when it went out of balance and deciding what to do about it. A client with a new baby and her own business had found herself in the situation of having a large mortgage, a loving husband and a strong commitment to have her business support the family. While this was in line with her values she found herself working every evening so that she had time with the baby. Before she knew it her husband had been placed on the 'back burner' for over six months. He may be fine about it now, but where was this relationship going to be in two years time? Sally made two key decisions to bring back balance. The first was to close her office one night a week and spend it with her husband and the second was to set a maximum on what she needed to earn per year to contribute to the mortgage and then release her time from work and spend more time with the family. In making these choices Sally felt her body relax and only then did she realise the tension that had build up over the last 6 months.

"Life balance does matter and it doesn't just happen on its own. Given how much things are constantly changing around us, our individual needs are bound to change. If you just listen to your head it's easy to forget to check how you feel NOW, and see if things are still right for you" says Caroline.

Wise Steps offers a range of one to one and group sessions which help people re-establish life balance.


High levels of stress and milder levels of ongoing stress can lead to illness. The body sends us messages related to stress when things start to get out of balance. If these message are ignored, illnesses can develop. It's better to address mild symptoms of stress before illnesses are triggered off. Caroline's first ebook 'Taming the Stress Bunnies' addresses what stress really is and ways of changing your relationship to it. The Stress Bunnies act as 'internal critics' until they are tamed to help us resolve the problems causing the stress in the first place. Caroline introduced her new e-book on BBC Radio Northampton in December 2008 (listen).

The Wellbeing Programme

Many people find themselves exposed to pressures in their personal, social and working life. If these pressures are left unresolved for too long, this can lead to symptoms of what, traditionally, has been known as 'Stress'.

In Reverse Therapy we regard 'Stress' as the symptomatic state that ensues when our Body notices we have yet to overcome emotional challenges. In such situations Bodymind (our body's inner wisdom) uses emotions and gut feelings to guide us to take action to resolve the issue. Typically, this involves speaking up about our needs and doing activities that restore balance.

If these emotional messages are not acted upon and the demands upon us mount up we may experience a 'pressure cooker' effect - an agitated, uncomfortable state in which we can blow up over relatively small problems, which push us over the edge. At this point the Body is now starting to use symptoms to get our urgent attention, such as headaches, pain, fatigue, gut or skin problems and sleeplessness.

More information about the Wellbeing Programme