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BBC Radio Northampton interview with John Griff - Monday 28th November 2011 at 3.00pm

Caroline speaking with John Griff about fatigue and her new book 'Fatigue-The Essential Guide'. Listen now.

BBC Three Counties Radio - Friday 11th November 2011

Caroline speaking with Helen Lee about managing Fatigue and her new book 'Fatigue-The Essential Guide.

Caroline explained how the symptoms of fatigue can have a wide range of effects on people’s lives.

Interview with Rosalyn Gonse - Her Recovery from CFS

Read about Rosalyn's struggle with CFS and how Reverse Therapy helped her restore her dream of taking part in the London 2012 Olympics.

BBC Radio Northampton - John Griff asks Caroline about Stress in the Summer months - 3rd August 2010

Caroline talks about stress in the summer months. Listen now.

Radio interview about Stress at Christmas - 4th December 2009

Caroline talks about dealing with stress at Christmas. Listen now.

BBC Radio Northampton Post Traumatic Stress Dissorder with John Griff - 27th August 2009

Caroline explains to John Griff how the most intelligent person is unable to over-ride the 'action reply' effect of PTSD without professional help. The Reverse Trauma Process is a fast way of fragmenting the 'action reply' so that the individual can get on with their life.

BBC Radio Northampton interview with John Griff about CFS - Wednesday 3rd June 2009 at 3.10 pm

John asks whether Chronic Fatigue Syndrome really exists and if so can it be treated. Caroline explains this much misunderstood condition and Helen, an ex-client who recovered after seven sessions, describes her miserable struggle and recovery through Reverse Therapy. Listen now.

BBC Radio Northampton Easter Stress Bunnies Interview with John Griff - 8th April 2009

Caroline talks about resolving Easter stress in this interview with John Griff. Listen Now.

BBC Radio Northampton Interview with John Griff - 18th February 2009

Surviving the Recession, getting work sorted. Caroline talks about updating your self-image, creating a CV while things are still going well and generally getting ready for change. Listen Now.

BBC Radio Northampton - Depression and Stress in the New Year - January 2009

Caroline talked about New Year and winter depression (listen).. She talked about boredom, the need to do something new, its relation to depression and Taming the Stress Bunnies. Caroline gave 3 tips to cope with the new year blues.

BBC Radio Northampton - John Griff Stress Bunny Interview - December 2008

Caroline introduced her new ebook Taming the Stress Bunnies (listen). She gave live examples and mentioned some key topics from the book. John asked about the best ways to survive the Christmas season.

BBC Three Counties Radio - 2nd December 2008

Caroline was on Three Counties Radio on the 2nd December talking about stress, and her new e-book Taming the Stress Bunnies, available now from the Wise Steps shop.

BBC Three Counties Radio, The Nine O'Clock Show - Tuesday 13th May at 10.15

Caroline was interviewed by Ronnie Barber about M.E./Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She offers the top three tips from recovered ME sufferer Zoe.

BBC Three Counties Radio, The Nine O'Clock Show - March 2008

Ronnie Barber interviewed Caroline and Lynn Hardwick (click for recording). Lynn describes an horrendous accident in which her car was hit, by a 40 ton lorry and dragged up the M1. Caroline explains how the Reverse Trauma Process helped Lynn put this event behind her and regain confidence to drive on the motorway again.

June's Pampering Times article on fatigue

Caroline explains the causes of fatige and ways to address this. Read more on page 5 of the newsletter.

'You on a Page - A Guide to Authentic CV Writing' (March 2009) Press Release

With current talk and the media focussing so strongly on the dire prospects of job losses and career changes, most people are in one of three camps at the moment.... (read more)

ME Awareness Week (10th to 16th May 2009) Press Release

Read about ME, how it can effect sufferers and the work that we do here at Wise Steps to aid in client's recoveries... (link soon)

MS Awareness Week (26th April to 2nd May 2009) Press Release

Read about MS and how the techniques that we use at Wise Steps can help to significantly reduce symptoms... (read)

Taming the Stress Bunnies article - Pampering Times - May 2009

Caroline talks about the impact of stress and worry on our health and everyday lives... (more)

7 Steps to Surfing the Recession Wave - Article in Pampering Times - February 2009

The February edition of the Pampering Times contained an article on how to minimise the impact of recession on your working life... (more)

Buckingham Advertiser - The Modern Way to Beat Stress - 30 January 2009

A short article in the Buckingham Advertiser about the e-book, Taming the Stress Bunnies.

"Modern way to beat stress
A Buckingham-based business aims to help bust stress in the workplace with a new e-book.
Wise Steps - based at Stowe Castle Business Park - want to help those who worry too much about what could go wrong or what has gone wrong.
The e-book named Taming the Stress Bunnies helps stimulate new ways to combat stressful situations.
For more information please visit"

New Taming the Stress Bunnies Ebook - Article in Pampering Times - January 2009

The January 2009 edition of Pampering Times, an e-newsletter from Jane Sheehan features an article on Caroline's new e-book Taming the Stress Bunnies. (after January the newsletter link may no longer display the correct edition, please contact us if you would like a copy of the article after this time).

Reverse Therapy Helps How MS Sufferers Respond to Stress - December 2008

An article on the impact of stress on Multiple Sclerosis, by Ian Cook in New Pathways, the Bi-monthly magazine from MSRC (Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre), Telephone: 01206 505444.

Wise Steps Summer Newsletter - July 2008

Since January there has been lots of seed sewing and foundation laying. I am now starting to see the fruits and want to share them with you and your friends and family... (more)

Article on Depression for IRS Rehab Bulletin - July 2008

"We are hearing more and more about depression on the news and how drugs are being given out too liberally. There are many types of depression and many cases where medication is a key element in the patient’s stabilising and being able to take steps towards recovery. Reverse Therapy offer a talking therapy that addresses the route cause. It can be done alongside medication..." (more)

College of Occupational Therapists Specialist Section - NANOT July 2008 Newsletter

Birgit Rathje-Vale BSc (Hons) OT, AinstLM, of Independent Rehabilitation Services (IRS) came across an effective treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. IRS started working with Caroline Khambatta BSc (Hons), a Fully Licensed Reverse Therapist and Clinical Supervisor a couple of years ago. "Since working with Caroline we are able to put ‘client centred’ treatment approach into practice in a much stronger way that addresses the clients emotional needs in line with their physical, cognitive and overall functional needs" says Birgit... (more)

Blackdog HR Consultancy's Newsletter - July 2008

Reducing one of Five Stress Factors in the Workplace - an article by Caroline for Blackdog HR Consultancy's Newsletter. (read)

ME Awareness Week - 11th-17th May

Reverse Therapy has achieved a remarkable success rate in treating the symptoms of M.E. and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Since its inception in 2002 it has treated over 1500 clients and has achieved an 81% success rate in eliminating or significantly reducing symptoms (according to audited results)... (more)

Independent Rehabilitation Services - April 2008 Newsletter

"When something traumatic occurs in our lives our body goes onto 'red alert' with the sole purpose of getting us back to a place of safety and re-establishing balance in our lives. For 20% of people this does not occur because they end up suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)." (more)

Kindred Spirit Magazine - November/December 2007

Zoe had been bedbound for 2 years, and recovered from the symptoms of M.E./C.F.S. with just 6 sessions of Reverse Therapy and a profound determination to rebuild her life.

"Reverse Therapy was developed by Dr John Eaton, a former psychologist and psychotherapist, in 2002. Reverse Therapy is essentially a Bodymind healing process. Bodymind contrasts with Headmind - the intellectual intelligence so many of us acquired in the Western system of education and upbringing. Headmind works on rules and concepts, thoughts, memories, and norms."... (more)

Milton Keynes Citizen - May 2007

A short piece on M.E. Awareness Week

Multiple Sclerosis Society Regional Meeting on Saturday September 18th at Grantham

Caroline will be talking about the relationship between stress and auto-immune disease and practical ways of reducing stress.

Master Class for Practitioners at Blackberry Clinic on 27th July 2010

This class was about understanding and treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Talk for Deanshanger WI - Thursday 11th February 2010

The Deanshanger Women's Instutute had a great turn out on a cold winter evening for a talk on Stress. Caroline explained that she would not be describing stress for busy people followed by some breathing exercises. Instead she explained the effect of stress on each of us when anything in our lives is out of balance for too long. "Having nothing to do for too long can create boredom which becomes stressful, as our true needs are not being met". Caroline explained three ways to avoid or minimise stress. Getting to the heart of the matter and resolving the real issues reduces emotional and physical body stress. This leads to better health.

Chiltern MS Centre Wednesday 30th September 2009

Caroline had a tour of the current centre and saw plans for the new building which should be opening at the beginning of 2011. The work that is being done in the centre is impressive and the team extremely dedicated.

Talk at the Stony Stratford Women's Institute about dealing effectively with worry and stress - Tuesday 1st September at 2.00 pm

Over 40 ladies attended. The talk was on Stress and daily life and feedback included "I thought you were brilliant yesterday, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who felt better for hearing you. You struck a chord with lots of people." and "I liked the relaxation exercise you did."

Marie Curie Health and Wellbeing Day - Monday 27th April 2009

On Monday 27th April 2009 at 5.30 - 9.00 pm at the Oxford Belfrey Hotel, Wise Steps participated in the evening event and talked to visitors about all aspects of our work and techniques as well as offering Stress Busting taster sessions.

Launch of new e-book - "Taming the Stress Bunnies"

"Taming the Stress Bunnies – for improved health", is a timely e-book addressing this modern-day curse. The combination of winter weather, the credit crunch, talk about the credit crunch and expecations and demands of 'the festive season' almost guarantee high personal stress levels. December to January is a time to really have your wits about you and with increased external pressures, there couldn’t be a better time to learn to Tame your Stress Bunnies! (more)

Pamper Evening at The Royal Latin School

Caroline provided 15 minutes taster sessions to 'Quieten the mind'
This relaxing Buckingham based charity event provided a range of therapies and stalls for people to come and experience. Nine women chose to book sessions with Caroline and learnt two techniques for quietening the mind and increasing their capacity to stay 'grounded' when things get busy or stressful. Everyone left the stand feeling calmer!

Talk for Occupations Therapists at Isebrook Hospital, Wellingborough 29th July 2008

Caroline gave a talk to a group of Occupational Therapists about how Reverse Therapy works in the reversal of symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and the reduction of symptoms in autoimmune disease. She explained how she works mainly with two intelligences; a thinking intelligence and a body intuition or wisdom. Those attending the talk had a chance to experience working with each intelligence and many noticed a drop in energy as they started to imagine having the life of someone with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Participants then experienced how listening to their natural body instincts raised their energy and lifted their moods. The physiology of the CFS symptoms were then explained and linked to the individual's response to emotional stimulation. Caroline also shared her ideas on the relationship between chronic stress and Multiple Sclerosis. This talk was kindly organised by Birgit Rathje-Vale and Jayne Wright of Independent Rehabilitation Services.

M.S. Therapy Centre Milton Keynes - April 2008

The aim of the meeting was to explore the relationship between M.S. Symptoms and Stress. Caroline explained "Stress occurs when there is internal conflict or unresolved issues. Stress is like a pressure that builds up and requires resolution. The Body sends us messages of emotions to encourage us to take action towards resolution while our Head is thinking there is no point because a solution is not possible. This inner conflict causes the Body to send stronger messages, emotions and symptoms".

After that Caroline showed a diagram to illustrate the interelationship between the normal stress response via the HPA axis (Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis) and the immune and auto-immune systems, when short term stresses become long term, unresolved issues. This is based on the neurological research carried out in the last 10 years showing a link between emotional distress and auto-immune disease.

Finally, everyone did an exercise to connect with their Body in a grounded and strong way, the first step towards discovering the Body's purpose for generating MS Symptoms. After 2 years working with MS clients Caroline is convinced that 'stress' has a direct correlation with relapses and invited those present to start noticing the links so that they can gain more influence and control over their symptoms. One participant said "That could be me you are describing", when Caroline introduced Ruth's case study.

The Barn in Whadden - 3rd April 2008

A short talk on 'Reducing Stress in the Work Place'

Caroline introduced the 5 fundamental stresses that lead to symptoms and illness. To prevent these taking hold she chose 2 activities for the group to consider. The first was to ensure that 'fun' was present in the work place. She invited everyone to consider something that "makes you smile" and bring something into the office that reminds you of it. One person decided to bring a picture of her husband, someone else suggested a photo of her grandchildren. Caroline explained that when we think of someone or something special that makes us smile, the muscle changes in our face release endorphins. She also pointed out that it's quite hard to remain uptight in your body while you are smiling. The second stressor is 'unresolved/unfinished business', and she explained the amount of energy that is wasted everytime you think about something that isn't finished. Finish it, bin it, or return it to the person who asked for it. Whatever you do, take a small step or a big step towards closure. This brings a quieter mind and increases personal energy.

Reverse Therapy Annual Conference in Durham - January 2008

Caroline gave a talk to Reverse Therapy Practitioners from all over the world on the findings of working with Multiple Sclerosis. She shared three case studies which demonstrated key similarities between MS clients and the effective application of Reverse Therapy.