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Fatigue - The Essential Guide

Fatigue - The Essential Guide

by Caroline Khambatta & Nicky Jevon

Multiple Formats

Many people feel tired after very busy times – this is natural. Feeling lethargic and fatigued for long periods that do not obviously relate to physical exertion is a different issue. Fatigue is not the same as tiredness.

This guide to fatigue, published by Need2Know Books contains information, explanations and tools to help reduce fatigue and boost energy. It takes into account the whole person, while addressing the different pressures and challenges you may be experiencing.

Available to buy as a printed book for £9.99 in paperback or as an electronic eBook for £3.99. Click on the 'add to cart' button below to order your printed copy, or on the Need2Know image here to download in eBook format.

Format Price Postage
Ebook £3.99 Free Click here to buy the e-book version
Paperback £9.99 Free
You and Your Year front cover

You and Your Year

by Nicky Jevon & Caroline Khambatta

Multiple Formats

A one year personal, practical, and inspiring guide to creating the life you really want.

This 52-page guide supports you in developing a creative rather than reactive approach to life. Linking the energy and power of the seasons, it provides activities and exercies to support you in making this year your best ever. Ideal times to start this include during Winter, after your birthday, or at a time when change is required.

Available in hard copy with colour laser printing and high quality paper, or as an E-Book in Portable Document Format (PDF).

Format Price Postage
Ebook £6.50 Free
Taming the Stress Bunnies E-Book

Taming the Stress Bunnies - for improved health

by Caroline Khambatta

Multiple Formats

A really practical approach to getting down to the root cause of the modern-day curse of stress-related illnesses.

This is an E-Book in Portable Document Format (PDF), it will be despatched by email once we have received your order.

Format Price Postage
Ebook £4.95 Free
Downloadable MP3 £5.95 Free
You on a Page E-Guide

You on a Page - A Guide to Authentic CV Writing

by Caroline Khambatta

Multiple Formats

A step-by-step guide to writing a CV that accurately and authentically respresents the working you on a page. It includes how to establish your values and motivations and include them on your CV. This document is about building your self-esteem, confidence, direction and producing a CV. It includes exercise, examples, sample CVs and templates.

This is an E-Guide in Portable Document Format (PDF), it will be despatched by email once we have received your order.

Format Price Postage
E-guide £4.95 Free

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