The Wellbeing Programme

Many people find themselves exposed to pressures in their personal, social and working life. If these pressures are left unresolved for too long, this can lead to symptoms of what, traditionally, has been known as 'Stress'.

In Reverse Therapy we regard 'Stress' as the symptomatic state that ensues when our Body notices we have yet to overcome emotional challenges. In such situations Bodymind (our body's inner wisdom) uses emotions and gut feelings to guide us to take action to resolve the issue. Typically, his involves speaking up about our needs and doing activities that restore balance.

If these emotional messages are not acted upon and the demands upon us mount up we may experience a 'pressure cooker' effect - an agitated, uncomfortable state in which we can blow up over relatively small problems, which push us over the edge. At this point the Body is now starting to use symptoms to get our urgent attention to our emotions, such as headaches, pain, fatigue, gut or skin problems and sleeplessness.

Since Dr Eaton's development of Reverse Therapy, practitioners trained by him have established an 80% success rate in helping individuals reverse the symptoms of many 'non-specific' illnesses including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, I.B.S. and Depression. Those who have recovered generally have a 'buzz' for life, which their friends have commented on and asked about. It is because of this that we have created the Wellbeing Programme to teach individuals to listen to and act on their Bodymind before their bodies feel it necessary to send harsher messages, stronger symptoms and eventually dis-ease.

The Wellbeing Programme has been designed for those undergoing life challenges, whether at work, in family life, or in relationships and who want to maintain or improve their health. Reverse Therapy can also be very effective, as we have discovered, in helping individuals facing serious, even terminal, illness.


The purpose of the Programme is for you to regain balance and wellbeing through listening to your body and acting on its messages. Your Reverse Therapy Practitioner will help you connect with your Bodymind, listen to emotions and symptom-messages and act on them promptly. They will help you understand how Headmind (the internal voice) can disconnect from the emotions, frustrate decisions, create worry and self-doubt and block effective action. We will also teach you strategies for overcoming and bypassing Headmind so that you can act confidently and effectively on the pressures that surround you. An important part of this process is to learn our tried and tested ways to assert yourself constructively to others.

How does it work?

Reverse Therapy is an educational process. You will have 3-4 sessions with your Practitioner with big enough gaps between sessions to give you the important opportunity to put the learning into practice by making small and yet important changes in your life. The Wellbeing Programme allocates 3 hours of contact time and usually comprises of 2 one-hour face-to-face sessions and 2 half-hour telephone sessions. During session 1 you will agree a format that best suits your needs.

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