Wise Steps for Career Coaching

Wrong job?
No job?
Too much work or bored?
Want your own business?
Tricky working relationships?
Don't know what you want?

Left ignored these can all lead to stress, low morale and illness.

We help individuals:

  • identify what motivates them
  • convert this into a goal (career development, job change, resolve a work issue, set up a new business, get work-life balance, etc.)
  • get the tools and support they need to achieve this.

For those whose work has been a key source of pressure that has contributed to an illness, you will explore what your true needs are and how to get them met elegantly. Resolving old issues can make a huge difference to your state of health. For those wanting to find the ideal role that they can grow into as they feel stronger and more confident, Wise Steps offers individual support and small group workshops.

Career Motivators

Some people choose to work for personal fulfilment, others because they need the income and mostly a combination of both. Whichever it is, the amount of time spent working means it's important for each of us to feel valued for our contribution. Caroline uses Dr Edgar Schein's 'Career Anchors' to assess what you need in order to feel satisfied with the work you do. Some people need a traditional career path while others want a nice environment with friendly people. Some enjoy the security of knowing what's coming into their in-tray while others need freedom and variety. Knowing your personal needs enables you to choose, apply for, assess and maintain enjoyable and fulfilling work. It is the key to good and effective decision making in your career and/or working environment.

Caroline explains "Some clients aren't turned on by the adverts in the paper and need to take a different approach to work in order to respect and fulfil their working potential. They prefer to explore a couple of part-time jobs or run a small business part-time. Once you identify what you really want to do and how you want to do it, enthusiasm and excitement carry you forward to find new ways to create the working life you desire and deserve."

CV Writing

'You on a Page - A Guide to Authentic CV Writing' is a 23 page document taking you step by step as you create your own unique CV. There is much emphasis on the role the CV plays in your feeling confident and up-to-date with your achievements, skills and capabilities. It includes different styles of CVs, how to describe your achievements without bragging and some simple tips on completing covering letters and application forms. It comes with two sample templates. Additionally, sessions can be arranged on a one to one basis to help you to finalise and polish your CV.

Other Peoples' Opinions

When your confidence has taken a battering it's easy to let others give advice & 'perhaps they know better?'. At Wise Steps not only will we unveil your core work motivators but we can also teach you how to identify other peoples'. This will leave you confident in deciding whose advice to take. It can also help you understand what your colleagues and boss want from you and why they want or expect it.

Challenging Colleagues

"Looking back in all the jobs I have had there have always been one or two people I found challenging to relate to" says Caroline. At Wise Steps we help individuals find ways of dealing with work situations. We explore different ways of communicating with the people we find 'tricky'.

One to One

Wise Steps provides individual sessions where your can analyse your career drivers, recognise what's motivating other people's advice to you, and have support in the nitty gritty of finding a new job. We can tailor your sessions to include designing your ideal work, seeking it out, CV and letter writing, filling in application forms, managing job agencies, interviewing confidently and clear decision making.


If you prefer to work in small groups and have the opportunity to meet others, Wise Steps provides half-day workshops.

Smart Working is one such workshop. Participants complete a pre-course questionnaire identifying their career motivators, then spend the morning understanding how they affect choice, decisions and self-esteem.

Organisations can also have these workshops run in house and the content can be expanded or tailor-made.

More information about the Smart Working Workshop